Celebrating my 40th Book

It’s hard to believe that I have now officially published FORTY books!! Rescued, Heal Me Series, Book 4 was released today and it marks my 40th release!!! YAY ME!

It’s exciting to think of all the stories that I have released and how many more I still have to write! Who would have thought that back in October 2010 when I came up with my first plot, that I would ever continue writing, much less write over 40!!!

The first year I published (2011), I released two (My Blood Runs Blue & Blue Blood for Life). In 2017, I published 18 with the help of my thirteen book Celebration Series. Right there is half of my published books in two of those years.

With each release, I find myself more humbled by the number of people who download a copy and reach out to tell me how much they enjoyed the story. I am so happy that I can touch so many people with my writing and look forward to the future!

Now, how long do you think it will take me to hit 50 books published?

Tempt Me Too – Now available for Pre-Order

Tempt Me Too is now in Editing!


Now Available to Pre-Order!


Sara Hawthorne is a dedicated attorney, a loyal wife and the mother of two nineteen year old girls. When her husband succumbs to cancer, Sara has to battle the grief and also the addiction that one of her daughter?s falls prey to.

Maximus Tempest is business driven, and family starved. Eager to get his estranged wife to sign the divorce papers so he can move on with his life, he is frustrated when she is taken to the hospital after overdosing and wants no part of her treatment.

When Sara and Max see each other after twenty years, old feelings spring to life but with what they are dealing with, could it possibly work for them. Secrets are revealed from the grave that could threaten any future they might have, and it will be up to Sara and Max to see if they can overcome the lies, or bury their dreams of a relationship for good.

Releasing September 30th, 2016!

It is a story that will make you look back on your first love and wonder. Below is a tiny piece of where my mind is as I start this story….

Everyone has that one; that one that got away, or that we let slip through our fingertips. It might have been your childhood crush, or your first true love in high school or college. Maybe you knew him really well, or you only saw him at a distance and didn?t know much about him at all. Let?s stop for just a second and think, I know you?re thinking about someone right now. As soon as you read the first line of this paragraph, his face or maybe just his name skittered through the back of your thoughts.

???? Maybe you began to smile, or chuckle at a memory. Or maybe you breathed in slowly and let it out on a sigh because you wondered. You wondered if things had been different, would you, could you possibly have made it work? And if you did, where would your life be now? Who would you be now?

???? Some people might say it is wrong to wonder what your life could have been like. You should be happy with the hand that life has dealt you and keep moving forward. Personally, I see no harm in wondering. In fact, when we allow our minds to wander, we grow. We become more because we see possibilities that we might not have seen before.

???? I have known many people over the years who wish they had taken a different road, who wish that the one that got away, had stayed. They believe that the grass really is greener on the other side, and sometimes I wonder. Not about the grass being greener, mine is pretty thick and prosperous here on my side of life, but I still do wonder about that one that got away.?

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Six Days of Memories Released!

The latest novel written by Stacy Eaton is now Available!


Detective Natasha Foster will put her job on the line to prove her gut feeling is dead on.
When Detective Foster responds to the scene of a crash, she finds the female passenger dead, a bag full of money in the back seat and a body in the trunk.? It is only when the driver, whom she nicknames Jay, wakes up with no memory that she must go with her instincts and continue the investigation in a way that was never taught.
Jay finds himself lost, but drawn to the beautiful detective who steps above and beyond the call of duty. His need to know if he was a victim or the criminal pushes him to try and recall what happened and who he is. With the pull of a trigger, Jay?s memory will suddenly return and with it, the terrible truth.

Excerpt ? Chapter 7 ? Jay

Normal people wake up with random thoughts filling their mind; little remnants of things they did the previous day or a list of stuff that was on their agenda for the day. Not for me, though.

I woke up slowly, as if I was fighting to get above a heavy cloud. My mind was sluggish, dark, and for the most part empty. The only thing that raced through my brainwaves was the fact that I didn?t know what the hell was wrong with me.

I heard a beep and a female voice in my room say, ?He?s waking up.?

Another voice spoke from right beside me, as if they were only inches from my head. ?Okay, I?ll be right in.?

Right in where? You?re right next to my head! I tried to turn and see where the voice came from, but pain radiated through my neck so I stopped. I reached up to touch my neck and wondered why my hands felt so heavy. I blinked and realized I had something attached to one of my fingers. I blinked again. Where the hell am I?

?Hello, there?? the first woman said. She was wearing dark gray medical scrubs and had an ID hanging around her neck. The name printed in large letters was Julie.

I swallowed twice before I tried to speak. ?Hello.?

Before the woman could say anything further, another woman in dark blue scrubs hustled into the room and directly toward me.

?Well, hello there, sir. Nice to have you back with us.? She smiled and glanced at the monitor near my head.

?Where am I?? I croaked through a dry throat, and tried to wet my lips with my sandpaper tongue.

?You?re in Fairview Memorial Hospital. Do you remember what happened to you?? The nurse drew her attention back to me as I tried to shake my head and winced. ?Don?t try to move your neck. You have some minor swelling in your spine. The collar you are wearing will help give you support and limit your movements until the swelling goes down and we know if there is any damage. How do you feel??

?Like I?ve been hit by a truck,? I rasped. ?Can I have some water??

?I?ll let you have a few sips, but you need to be careful. You were in a car accident and have been unconscious for a while.? She stepped away and I heard the click of fingers on a keyboard. There must be a computer behind me, I thought.

She returned to my side. ?Can you tell me your name??

I stared into her face. She was probably around forty and her brown eyes were intent on mine. My name? ?Um…? I searched my dark mind. What the hell is my name? I had no clue.

She put her hand on my arm. ?Calm down, it can be very confusing when you wake up after an accident. Do you not remember your name?? I saw her glance up at a monitor. I didn?t have to look to know my heart was racing. I could feel it thudding in my chest.

?No, I can?t remember it,? I stated.

?What about where you live?? she asked slowly, turning her attention back to me.

?Don?t know.?

?Is there anything you can tell me about yourself?? she questioned.

?I?m in a hospital.? I heard her chuckle.

?Okay, why don?t you rest for a little while? I?m going to let the doctor know you?re awake. I?m sure it will all come back to you soon.?

?Do you know what my name is??

She stared into my eyes. ?Nope, I was hoping you could tell me.? She patted my arm, allowed me to take a long sip of water from a straw, and then turned and left the room.


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