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Garda hits the Amazon Best-Seller List

One of the most exciting times is when and author see’s their book on the “Best Seller” List. Even seeing it in the best “free” book listing is exciting, but not quite as much as seeing your book actually ranking in the paid category.

Over the last week there have been quite a few interviews and people talking about my newest novel, Garda – Welcome to the Realm. I woke up this morning to find Garda sitting at

Ok – not number one – but this is the first time Garda has hit the top 100 and that is exciting!? So I’m happy to finally say, Garda – Welcome to the Realm is my fourth best-selling novel.

You can get your copy of Garda for your Kindle here: Garda – Welcome to the Realm

Or your Nook Copy here: Garda – Welcome to the Realm