The right doctor makes loving easy!

And Stacy Eaton has a new doctor in the house!

Stacy Eaton's Remington Kindle World Stories(1)

On March 2, 2016, Stacy Eaton will release her latest contemporary romance: Revived by Love!

Revived by Love is a Kindle Worlds Romance that spins off of Melissa Foster’s Best Selling Remington Series. It’s the second Kindle World Romance that Stacy has written in this world and not only does it cameo Dex Remington and Ellie Parker from Melissa Foster’s Game of Love, Ryan Wilde and Dina Greene are back from Cured by Love which was released in May of 2015.

Revived by Love – Available only on Amazon March 2nd :

Untitled designA New Year?s Kiss with a stranger will turn Pediatrician Mark Ellis?s world upside down. Even more so when he is called into the hospital for a drowning victim and finds out it is the son of the woman who changed everything for him.

Joanne Ward is done with her husband and his cheating ways. A single kiss with a man she doesn?t know seals the deal and the divorce papers are served. When her son falls through ice and is clinging to life she comes face to face with the man who gave her the inner strength to move forward.

Can the two of them find the sparks they shared, or will the incident with her son send them in opposite directions?

**Remington Kindle World Novella based off of Melissa Foster’s Remington Series**

Don’t miss Cured by Love, Stacy Eaton’s 1st Kindle World Spin-off.

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Cured by Love – Available only on Amazon

Stacy Eaton - CuredDina Greene and Ellie Parker met during their college years and on the night that they meet at NightCaps to reconnect, Dina?s life begins to change. For six years, Dina has closed off her heart, moving from one man to another, trying to feel something other than her own pain and guilt.

Ryan Wilde is a plastic surgeon who strives to give people a better quality of life, especially children. The night he watches Dina leave the bar with another one-night stand, he resolves to offer up a challenge to get her to view herself in a new light.

Little does he know that the challenge will change both their lives, but when Dina?s secret is exposed, will Ryan be able to accept it and trust her, or will Dina go back to her old ways and leave Ryan broken?