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Pleasure Your Fantasies Series: Book 1

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Reba St. James would prefer to serve the drinks or play hostess to the businessmen and their guests at Pleasure Your Fantasies, the gentlemen?s club where she?s employed. Unfortunately, when she needs extra money to pay off an urgent debt, the only position that pays her enough is dancing on stage with barely anything on.

Wallie has been a body guard at the club since it opened four years ago, and over the last year he?s developed quite a crush on Ms. Reba. He might have thought he had a chance with her, except the club has a strict rule: No dating between guards and dancers.

When the attraction between Wallie and Reba reaches undeniable levels, Reba is ready to walk away from dancing altogether and try to find another way to help pay the bills, but when a final notice shows up, she?s forced to go from part-time dancing to full-time, and any chance of a relationship between them is put on hold.

Everything changes on Christmas Eve when Reba and another dancer get into a fight, and Reba is let go from the club. Will Reba lose everything, or will Reba and Wallie get more for the holidays than just their Mistletoe Fantasies?

Coming Spring 2018 in the Series: Whispered Fantasies, book 2


The Pleasure Your Fantasies Series

With the Celebration Series ending, it was time to start working on a new series. Several months ago when I was writing, Raffles to Rattles, Book 8, of the Celebration Series, Sophia Thayer, one of the characters, took a part-time job at a Gentleman’s Club in Middletown, PA. called Pleasure Your Fantasies. She had a scene with the owner of the club, Quinn Monroe and I loved that scene and Quinn’s character so much that I knew right then and there that he was going to have his own series.

At this time, the series is comprised of six books. The first one, Mistletoe Fantasies will be a Novella to introduce the series and get you started. It will be releasing in November of 2017 and staring Wallie and Reba. You will get to know not only those two, but also Ty and Quinn a bit better as we start to dig into the series. The second book in the series is Whispered Fantasies and it will be staring Butch and Raquel. That one is set to release in February 2018 with the next four books coming out about 8 weeks apart. While the first book, Mistletoe Fantasies is a Novella (about 33K words), the other books will be full-length novels that not only deal with drama and spicy romance, but there will be quite a bit of suspense added to it.


Second Shield II: The Return

Second Shield II: The Return

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Mack and Drew are back, but will it be happily ever after?

Find out in Second Shield II: The Return

Six weeks after the biggest case of her life, Sgt. MacKenzie ?Mack? McCallister receives information that changes her future. With the man she loves on the opposite side of the country, Mack isn?t sure she can do it on her own.

Special Agent Andrew Cooper is dealing with the hardest thing he has ever had to face, and in order to do it, he must shelve his feelings for Mack and pray that she will be there when he returns.

As time passes, Mack focuses her attention on the serial killer investigation and forces thoughts of Drew out of her mind. When emotions are running high, Drew returns, and everything in Mack?s world is turned upside down.

It will fall to Drew to figure out the missing pieces of the serial murder investigation, but will he be able to do it before he loses Mack forever?

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Mack's Back!

Second Shield II: The Return – Update!

Second Shield II – The Return

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I am so glad that everyone has enjoyed Second Shield so much. I know many of you were shocked with the cliff hanger, and I do apologize.? Every week I get at least one message from someone asking when Second Shield II will be out. And Finally – I can say I am working on it again. Dealing with a major concussion for 10 months has made writing very difficult for me, but finally the voices are coming back! Currently, I have about 20 chapters finished and I just edited those chapters and did some re-writes to them. From where I’m standing, I’m about half way through the book. If everything goes as plans (my fingers are crossed so tightly), then I should be done writing this in April 2016 and I will be able to release in sometime this summer!

To help you out a bit, I’ll share a tidbit of what’s going on in book 2.

You all know where the cliff hanger was left, and Mack is learning to deal with the situation. She wanted to tell Drew but he is having a really hard time with Annabelle and just when she gets the nerve up to tell him, he says he needs some time.? While Drew is dealing with Anna and his children, Mack is working with her unit as a serial killer comes to the area. Chris Carley, the FBI agent from the cabin is back, and his friendship with Mack might cause some problems. Jose is also back as a close friend to Mack and you’ll see some more old friends and meet some new ones. It’s when Drew finally returns that all hell will break loose on the case, and in their lives.? Mack and the gang are going to have to figure out the connection to the victims before she herself becomes one and Drew is going to have to come to terms with all the changes in his life.

The excitment of bringing the characters back to life!