The 12 Days of Christmas with Author Christine Cunningham

Welcome to Day 6 of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

Today we have Author Christine Cunningham with us.

From Christine:

I love the holidays, especially during the winter months. Everyone is either searching for the right gift to surprise a loved one or going out of their way to make the holiday cheerful for complete strangers in need. The holidays were a stressful time for me in the past because I could not or would not see all the fun and joy around me. I preferred to sulk in my loneliness and bah-humbug anyone who tried to give me a different perspective. The last few years I have shed the grumpy act and have donned the cheerful expectancy of a child. Now there’s a chance for magic to happen everyday! I wish the same for my other scrooges out there. Let the season melt your heart and give what you want to receive. You will find yourself surrounded by those you love and those who love you!

Books by Christine Cunningham:

Eternal Beginning:

Life is hard, right? Each day is filled with people who are stopping you from living how you want to live.

What if that’s not true? What if the ogre in your life is you?

Eternal Beginning is an introduction to the law of attraction in concise, vivid prose. Learn why emotions are key communications. Discover the power you wield to live a passionate life. Follow me under the moss-laden arch to your magnificent destiny.

Thirty-Day Guide to Apply Eternal Beginning:

This book is designed to take you through a thirty-day guide to apply the lessons within the book, Eternal Beginning. Each day is divided by a quote from Eternal Beginning, the lesson to apply, a paragraph to motivate, and finally, an action step that will cement the lesson in place.

First Snow (Willow Reed)

Penelope Brown, a small-town baker, has longed for a family to call her own. Hasan Schaefer, a new resident of Willow Reed, begins every week with a visit to the bakery where Penelope works. It isn’t too long before Hasan wants to satisfy more than his sweet tooth.

After a horrible blind date, Penelope fears she?ll never meet Mr. Right, but fate has other plans. An accidental romantic kiss compels Hasan to reveal his feelings for Penelope and life is just about perfect until Hasan admits that he doesn’t want children.

Spring Argyle (Willow Reed)

JACOB HAYES is the proud new owner of Willow Reeds only bookstore, The Bibliorest. LIZ ROBERTS, a pharmacy technician and crochet nut, is the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, Liz has relegated Jacob to the ?just friends? category.

Can Jacob win Liz over by being there after her boyfriend betrays her trust, or is he forever doomed to hover at the edge of happiness?

Cinnamon Summer (Willow Reed)

Loneliness can make you desperate.

Her father’s ailing health forces Camille and her son, Peter to move from the city lights of Chicago to the moonlight of small-town, Willow Reed. Nothing is familiar and nothing feels like home. Her new job in the town’s bakery is harder than she expected and the strange chemistry between Camille and her boss, ?mile is confusing to say the least. A surprising email from her ex-husband makes her feel all the anxiety and loneliness she?s been trying to suppress.

Will the upcoming nuptials for Camille’s ex-husband push her into the arms of the wrong man?

Five Fables, Volume 1

Christine Cunningham is spinning a few tales, five to be exact, ranging from the whimsical to the twisted.

1. Sweetest Release: Sometimes the world conspires against you when all you need is a bathroom.
2. Tic-Tac-Toe: Can a boy protect his mother and sister from the shadow in the yard?
3. Happy Birthday: You will never want to sing the song Happy Birthday to a child again.
4. Story Shopping: Things go awry when an author has no story to write.
5. Tarantula: Saving your best friend from your mother isn’t easy to do.

Five Fables, Volume 2

Christine Cunningham is spinning a few tales, five to be exact, on that elusive thing called love. Why read one good story when you could read five?

1. A Different Perspective: Is it possible to find love in a retirement center?
2. Backwards: This is what you do when you know the best of life is behind you.
3. Our Day: Waiting in the airport has never been so painfully sweet.
4. Something Blue: Something old, something new, something borrowed and something’s wrong.
5. Love or Money: What would you rather have an abundance of in your life, love or money?

Five Fables, Volume 3

Christine Cunningham is spinning a few tales again, five to be exact about the twists we never see coming.

1. Crazy Brain: Be careful what you wish for.
2. Last Day on Earth: Danny asks what would you do if it were your last day on Earth and gets a deadly answer.
3. Touch of Fear: There’s nothing there, or is there?.
4. Three times for Sabrina: Movie watching is one of the better ways to honor a friends memory.
5. Wet Umbrella: Leonard’s dream comes true when he gets to share his umbrella at the bus stop.


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