Sunday Coffee Time Chat with Author Christine Cunningham

Welcome to Sunday morning Coffee Chat time!

Today’s guest is Christine Cunningham!

Good morning my friends and readers!? I have a great friend visiting with me today! I’ve known Christine for several years and have worked with her on the World Literary Cafe for almost as long. It is a true pleasure to have her here today! Before we get started with her interview, take a few moments to check out her personal greeting!

SE: I told you she was a sweetie!

CC: Good morning Stacy and viewers! Get your cup and let?s have a chat!

SE: As always we have to know, Coffee or Tea?

CC: I am absolutely a tea drinker, but I?m not pretentious about it.

SE: Lol… I don’t think you could ever be described as pretentious Christine!? Why don’t you take a moment and tell the readers a little bit about yourself.

CC: The trade which pays for my writing is pharmacy. It was the best investment in my future I have made to date and it provides me a daily interaction which helps me to mold characters. It also gives me permission to be a covert creeper. I listen to conversations and watch mannerisms around me to make the dialogue and actions in my books realistic.

SE: I love how you put that, a covert creeper. I do that so often! So, readers know you’re an author and it seems like you have a job, tell us about it.

CC: If I?m not writing, working, or being a creeper, I love to volunteer in my community or watch the local comedians perform. The older I get the more important it is to me to feel grounded and connected to my community. I?ve recently taken up running and I?m very excited to discover trails, nature, and to connect with new people.

SE: I wish I could run, but I have never been a runner. Let’s find out some personal things, what’s your favorite color?

CC: If I were to select one color from the rainbow it would have to say blue, no green, no orange, uh let?s just say blue-green-orange. The colors blue and green make me feel calm, but when I?m feeling my oats I wear orange.

SE: Feeling your oats!? hahahahaha… You are so funny! Okay ? and I know you are a little dare devil! I?ve heard your stories of sky diving and such. What is the most daring thing you have ever done?

CC: When it comes to physically daring things I don?t bat an eye. I?ve raced my car (legitimately, not on the street), went white water rafting, bungee jumped off a bridge, tandem sky dived, earned a black belt in two different martial arts, performed stand-up comedy, earned my motorcycle endorsement, and bought a house by myself, but when it comes to the mushy love stuff I feel like a shrinking violet. The most daring thing I did recently was ask a guy if he wanted to go out. He said yes and it?s a story in the making right now.

SE: You know, I knew about some of those things, but not ALL of that! WOW! You put me to shame little lady! Now that have shared a little about you personally, let’s talk about your writing.? Do you have a set routine or do you write when the mood strikes?

CC: I wait for my muse to sneak up and attack. This doesn?t always work well for constant sleeping or a steady social calendar, but it?s worth it. I?ve tried to force writing in the past, but when I read over it to edit, I always end up scraping it because it feels unauthentic and technically speaking blah. I like to listen to Christmas music when I write. I think that?s because the first book in the series, First Snow, is set during the holiday season, and I listened to Christmas music then. Christmas music makes me think of love, family, and romantic adventures.

SE: Okay, now I’ve heard of people listening to music, I always do, but I’ve never heard of anyone listening to Christmas music year round to inspire writing. That’s pretty cool. What book are we talking about today, and is it part of a series or a stand alone novel?

CC: My most recent book is Cinnamon Summer. It?s a part of a small town romance series in the town Willow Reed. It?s definitely one of my favorites.? I wanted to write a book about a woman who has to sacrifice big time for the family she loves and almost loses her way in her desire to regain her sense of self. It?s a sweet romance which will make you feel warm and fuzzy with the perfect happily ever after.

SE: I personally love your Willow Reed series, it is soft and sweet! Do you have any upcoming projects in the works or other books that have been published ? Tell us about them?

CC: I?m working on the final book in the Willow Reed series called Autumn Wish. It?s about woman named Nell who isn?t so sure she wants to get married to her fianc?. He?s a great man, but she?s overwhelmed with the fact she will be the guardian of two children who are not her own. I?m thinking of creating a kind of alternate world where she wakes up one day and isn?t engaged to her fianc?, but her sassy sister is. It would be a fun story to write and that motivates me to write.

SE: Oh, I love that concept!!! I can’t wait to see it! Christine – thank you so much for coming to visit with us today!? I’ve loved having you here!

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