Teaching the Younger Generation – Domestic Violence is NOT O.K.

Recently, a friend of mine sent me a note about a post she read and thought I would enjoy. I jumped over to read the blog post, and low and behold there was a topic that was near and dear to my heart – Abuse.? I’m going to thank Bibliophile for her great blog post and invite you all to read it: http://ow.ly/mZjwu

In the post I mentioned above, Bibliophile talks about the number of authors she has noticed that write Young Adult or New Adult Romance that seem to romanticize abusive behavior.? Teens or young adults that are dealing with a counterpart who is overly jealous or controlling and they accepts this. ? Well guess what – NOT in my book and I’m not just talking about the pages I write – I’m talking about life, pure and simple.

Controlling behavior, no matter now trivial, can be a sign of worse to come. No young woman, older woman or even man, should allow their partner to be controlling.? It is NOT okay to say who you can be friends will, unless that other person is a sociopath, then I can see someone saying you can’t be friends with them. But under normal circumstances, it is not alright to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that being friends with someone from the opposite sex is wrong. Being jealous and forcing your boyfriend or girlfriend to choose YOU instead of someone else, is not right.? They either like you or they don’t. If they don’t, bye-bye, I doubt there is a person alive that has not heard, there are other fish in the sea to choose from.

It is also not right if your boyfriend/girlfriend has the need to read your text messages, or emails. Hello, this is private. Don’t let them threaten you if you won’t allow them to read what you said to a friend. They have no right to tell you what you are allowed to wear, where you are allowed to go, who you can be friends with, or what you are allowed to do. And if you think they can – then you are allowing the abuse and you need to stop.

As an author it is my responsibility to entertain people.? As a police officer it is my responsibility to protect people. Put those two together and you get a life lesson.? That is some thing that I put into Whether I’ll Live or Die.? And it is something I am putting into another novel called, You’re Not Alone.? Not only am I trying to entertain my readers, but I am trying to teach a lesson – empower someone to understand and overcome.? Now that this topic has come to light, I have a burning desire to start a new lesson – and direct it towards the younger generation. The thoughts are dwelling – and I hope to start working on this very soon.