The Holiday Siren’s Event Team – Thanks you all!

The Authors of the Holiday Siren’s Event
wish to thank you all for a wonderful time these last 12 days! 

We sure hope that you enjoyed visiting our blog and that you found some great books to read for yourself and to giveaway as gifts this Holiday Season.
Now while we did do this event to the them of Christmas, using the 12 days of Christmas, Crime Fighter Style we do understand that there are so many other faiths, and holidays that are celebrated at this time of year besides Christmas.  We mean no disrespect to any of you and hope that your holiday season is as wonderful, happy and loving as it can be! 

Our event couldn’t have been as wonderful as it was if it wasn’t for the guest authors that signed up to be a part of this – so let me thank them first… (also note, if you click on their name – it will take you back to their featured page and you can read their interview and see more about their book)

D.L. Sparks – you rock lady!!!  Thank you for the video blogs you put up taking about us!  I loved having you a part of this and hope that Between Friends is a huge hit for you once it reaches the market!  

Michael Lorde – you have been behind the scenes doing so much – not only for our group, but for the troops and many others.  Thank you for all that you have done!  You are an inspiration!

Wendy Cartmell – You are a blessing!  To have jumped in to the event when we were so close to it really moving forward – you will never know how much I appreciate that!

David Anderson – I am wishing you the absolute best this holiday season and I want to thank you for all that you have done!  Your friendship and support have been awesome – thank you!

JJ Toner – It has been a pleasure to have your in the group! You have been a constant in the group and all of your help and encouragement has meant alot. 

R.S. Guthrie Where is MAC?  huh????  You are an incredible friend and I am so glad that you took part in the event!  I know you think I am a FHA – and I take that as a compliment!  Rock on my man… Papa Roach is singing Forever to me right now… Thank you! 

Gary King Thank you Gary for the time you put into the event and for the writing that you do! I am honored that you joined us! 

Suzie Ivy What can I say to one of my closest friends! You are just like me – and I am so blessed to have you in my life!! Thank you for coming up with the idea of the 12 Days of Christmas Crime Fighter Style – it was awesome!  Stay Safe… Always… Your sister in blue.

Derek Blass While I am not “normally” friends with attorneys, I gotta say – you’re a cool dude!  It has been an awesome pleasure to have you here in the group! Thank you for being here!

I also can’t forget my friends who offered up space on their blogs to do author interviews! 
To see the interviews in case you missed them, click on the date

Author Christine Cunningham hosted:
JJ Toner: December 2nd, 2011
David Anderson: December 7th, 2011

Author Emerald Barnes hosted:
Michael Lorde: December 4th, 2011
Rob Guthrie: December 8th, 2011 
Suzie Ivy: December 9th, 2011

Author Wendy Young
Wendy Cartmell: December 5th, 2011
Gary C. King: December 12th, 2011 

Author Kaira Rouda
D.L. Sparks: December 11th, 2011

and a Very Special Thank You to:

Author T.M. Souders who featured each of our authors on the Cheap Daily Kindle page! 

Thank you Notes from the authors:

I would first like to thank Stacy! You have been an incredible inspiration during the Holiday Sirens event. Thank you for the endless time you?ve put in to make this a success. For all the Holiday Sirens authors, WOW what a ride. Thank you and it?s been wonderful getting to know you! Emerald Barnes, I so appreciate the wonderful interview you provided me. I hope we will be working together in the future. T.M. Sounders and Cheap Kindle Daily, thank you for highlighting my book and publicizing the Holiday Sirens. To everyone who bought Bad Luck Cadet THANK YOU! Bad Luck Officer is on its way.
Merry Christmas,

I’d like to thank you, Stacy, for initiating Holiday Sirens, and for all the hard work you put into it. I’d also like to thank the other 8 members for tweeting each day. For me, the results were not immediately fantastic, but I’m sure the process will have brought my name to the attention of a lot of potential customers for future books. Maybe you’d think about including me if you decide to run another of these promotions in the future.

JJ Toner
David Anderson, author of An Indecent Death, would like to thank all the many people who helped make the Holiday Sirens event a big success. Specifically he would like to mention Christine Cunningham for taking the time to interview him on her blog, T.M. Souders for featuring him on her website, the other members of Holiday Sirens for their support and encouragement, and most of all, Stacy Eaton, for her tireless efforts on his behalf. Where would we all have been without her? Many thanks.
David Anderson 
Four years ago, I started writing with the hope that just one person would like my book.  With 40 amazing reviews, and daily support, this journey has been remarkable! Thanks to all that purchased Enemy in Blue, without you there is NOTHING!
Derek Blass 
 I want to thank Author Stacy Eaton for hosting all of us ‘crime authors’ for this month’s Holiday Sirens.  I can only imagine the time she has devoted to this event.  It was so much fun to be a part of it and to meet and work with all the great authors in this group.  I feel I’ve made some lifelong friends here.  I’d also like to thank Tia Souders, Emerald Barnes, the other authors in Holiday Sirens, and everyone else who’s had a hand in ‘Holiday Sirens’.  It’s wonderful to belong to such a supportive group of people.  To all of my readers out there, thank you so much for your support in purchasing Blind Veil.  I hope you thoroughly enjoy my novel.  I’m working hard on the second book due out in 2012, so keep an eye out for it.  
Michael Lorde


I want to thank God, my parents, the producers who believed in me…wait, wrong speech. In all seriousness, this whole wonderful event is the brainchild of one lovely, talented writer and dedicated cop: Stacy Eaton (whose blood DEFINITELY runs blue)! Thank you so much, lady! You made the holidays that much better for all of us, and the extra miles you walk for your fellow indie writers do not go unnoticed. YOU ROCK!

Big gratitude to T.M. Souders, who featured each of us on her Cheap Kindle Daily, how cool was that? You are the best, Tia!

On a personal note, I owe major cyber-hugs to Em Barnes for once again making me look good on her amazing blog! Seriously one of the best blog hosts I know.

Lastly, none of us would be anywhere without our dear readers. I am so grateful for each and every one of you…we write because YOU READ! What a great team we make. THANK YOU!

R. S. Guthrie

Happy Holidays from all of us here at the Holiday Siren’s Event to all of you and your families! 
Please be safe, DO NOT drink and drive – be thankful for all that you have and tell someone you love them.