The Sometimes Series

Sometimes You Win, Book 1

Haley Rosewood’s life has never been easy, especially not with a class-A jerk for a boss and a marketing job that barely pays enough to provide a roof over her daughter’s head and food for the table. Every day is a struggle, and the thought of being romantically involved with anyone is a dream she doesn’t dare indulge in.

Devon Carrington is the type of man to give the shirt off his back to anyone in need, and when he finds Haley struggling through a bad day, he does everything he can. In return, he asks that she help him pick out lottery numbers and tells her that if he wins, she gets half.

When the winning numbers are drawn and Devon and Haley learn that they have won, can the two of them put their one-night stand behind them and build something for the future? Find out in Sometimes You Win.

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Sometimes You Lose, Book 2

It’s been three weeks since Haley Rosewood and Devon Carrington won the lottery. Most people would picture their days taking them from one exciting journey to another and their nights filled with champagne and caviar as appetizers to unbridle their passion—but that’s not what happens.

Instead, Haley is trying to find a new home, a place to start her business, and a way to keep control of her life. Devon is only trying to help her, but it seems that everything he does just pushes Haley’s buttons in the wrong way.

When a new contract comes into his security company, it threatens not only the future of his company, but Haley and Allison’s welfare as well. Devon must take drastic measures to stop it, and Haley has to trust him, but can she before it’s too late? Or will her trust in him be what destroys her in Sometimes You Lose?

(Please note this book does have a cliff hanger)

Sometimes You Play the Game, Book 3

Haley Rosewood’s life has been turned upside down by the man she loved and trusted—not only is she locked up in a jail cell, away from her daughter, but she has no idea whom to trust. Frustratingly, Haley will have to depend on Devon’s siblings to extricate her from a legal embroilment that could leave her in prison for years.

Devon Carrington did what he thought was right to protect Haley and her daughter Allison, but everyone around him has a different opinion: Eric thinks he’s crazy, Brenda is furious, and Chuck just shakes his head.

Haley must put aside her emotions and pretend to be something she’s not in order to return home and be with her daughter. Finding the proof that she was telling the truth is going to be harder than she anticipated, and when ghosts from her past arrive at her front door, she’s not sure she can trust them.

Will Haley be able to prove she didn’t kidnap her daughter, or will she end up losing everything and having to watch her daughter grow up from behind bars?

The Sometimes Series: Win, Lose & Play!

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