The Unexpected Series

A Steamy Series where anything can happen and the best thing to do about it is laugh. Contemporary romance with everyday issues and life-like characters that you have grown to love in my writing. These stories contain spicy love scenes and adult language and situations.

Unexpected Packages, Book 1

What happens when a neighbor accidentally opens a birthday present sent to you?

Lexi Miller restarted her life five years ago and has been living a regimented routine ever since. With a great job and a best friend who tries everything to get her to break out of her boring life, it’s not until her birthday present arrives at her door, opened by a stranger, that things finally start to get interesting.

Alex Miller is ready for his second career after retiring from the military. He’s excited to start training contractors in safety issues and getting to know his daughter after being away for so many years.

When a package addressed to him shows up on his doorstep, he is kind enough to deliver the box to the rightful owner. When Lexi opens the door, Alex quickly realizes that he’s found the beautiful woman he has been catching peeks of as she comes and goes from the building.

From misunderstandings to new beginnings, Alex and Lexi come together, but a business trip threatens their future right before Valentine’s Day, and neither is sure they will ever be reunited.

Unexpected Arrivals, Book 2

Trevor Vaughn loves his job, his women, and his bachelor’s lifestyle. Sadly, for him, all of that might change when Davina Daniels walks into his office pushing a stroller.

The problem is that Trevor doesn’t have any idea who Davina is. After she explains that he is the baby’s father, he finds himself clueless as to what to do next.

After begging for her help, Davina and Trevor begin to form a friendship that will bring them together in time for their friend’s wedding and a single night of steamy romance.

It’s after their moments of bliss when words are misspoken, strangers show up, and baby Devon is raced to the hospital that their newfound romance is put to the test. Will Trevor and Davina find a way back to each other, or will the storms continue to crash down over them?

Unexpected Trouble, Book 3

What happens when you run into your high school sweetheart after nineteen years?

Big things are happening at Safety Zone Security, and before a client meeting, Gregory Blaire heads down to Cocoa’s Coffee Café to grab some much-needed caffeine. Running into his high school sweetheart was almost the last thing he excepted, but the jewelry store heist that went wrong tops even that.

As hard as Maggie Valor works to build her career as a serious journalist, she’s stuck as a romance advice columnist, and she’ll do just about anything to change that. When Maggie runs into Greg and then gets taken hostage, her mind is torn between the story and the man who broke her heart.

With Maggie putting herself in the way of danger, stepping into Safety Zone Security to help with a client, and then pushing to join an operation, all Greg can see is trouble. Now the police are questioning her, a thief is out to get her, her job is on the rocks, and the only thing Greg can do is try to figure out how to keep the woman out of trouble, away from his job and nowhere near his bed-or worse, his heart.

Unexpected Storms, Book 4

What happens when you take a chance to dance with a stranger?

Ali Davidson is ready for a serious relationship; only the conventional methods aren’t much help in finding the right man for her. Could being a contestant on the May I Have This Dance television show help her find love on the dance floor? Her friend and producer, Holly Melton, believes it will be the perfect way to find a connection.

Harvey Melton works long hours and travels a lot, but while burning time off from work, his sister begs for his help. Harvey would do anything for his sister, including dance on her silly television show.

Ali has to decide between her three dance partners, which two she will ask back for a second dance, and then choose between them to explore a relationship. With Ali trying to make her decision between the two final men, she has significant distractions in her kitchen.

When more patrons get sick, and the threat of the restaurant and her reputation are on the line, Holly steps in to get Ali help and enlists the guys at Safety Zone Security. When they show up, Ali is surprised to see Harvey, and the attraction between these two is undeniable and stormy.

Unexpected Desires, Book 5

What happens when you find out she doesn’t exist?

Being the technical specialist at Safety Zone Security has its perks for Mike Johnson. One is to have the ability to find virtually anything out on anyone that he wants to. Well, except for the woman who is sending his libido into overdrive. On her, he can find nothing.

Kelly Smith keeps to herself and has only a few work friends. When questions arise, it’s easier to pack up and leave, than answer. That is until Mike scares the bejesus out of her at the cemetery and then shows up at her place of employment and ends up wearing her entire tray of drinks.

Now Kelly finds herself wanting to talk, but what she says might not help their relationship. In fact, it could destroy it before it even begins. Will Mike and Kelly be able to deal with the unexpected desires between them or will her past life quench the flames for Mike?

Unexpected Ties, Book 6

What happens when the woman you desire asks for your trust?

Jake Taite, the owner of Safety Zone Security, is brash and quick to lose his cool. When he finds out his father is dying, Jake needs to figure out a way to let his father know he’ll be fine after he’s gone.

Alice is far from the girl next door and is never afraid to voice her opinion, especially when it comes to her boss. If only he could trust her enough to let her in.

While on a trip to Las Vegas, Jake has an idea, but can Alice handle the unexpected ties thrust on her? Will Jake be able to deal with the ties she wants to put on him?

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The Unexpected Series, Part 1: Packages, Arrivals & Trouble

The Unexpected Series, Part 2: Storms, Desires & Ties