The Unexpected Series

A Steamy Series where anything can happen and the best thing to do about it is laugh. Contemporary romance with everyday issues and life-like characters that you have grown to love in my writing.

Unexpected Packages

Lexi Miller restarted her life five years ago and has been living a regimented routine ever since. With a great job and a best friend who tries everything to get her to break out of her boring life, it?s not until her birthday present arrives at her door, opened by a stranger, that things finally start to get interesting.

Alex Miller is ready for his second career after retiring from the military. He?s excited to start training contractors in safety issues and getting to know his daughter after being away for so many years.

When a package addressed to him shows up on his doorstep, he is kind enough to deliver the box to the rightful owner. When Lexi opens the door, Alex quickly realizes that he?s found the beautiful woman he has been catching peeks of as she comes and goes from the building.

From misunderstandings to new beginnings, Alex and Lexi come together, but a business trip threatens their future right before Valentine?s Day, and neither is sure they will ever be reunited.

Unexpected Arrivals

At thirty-nine Trevor Vaughn never expected to find a woman to love or have a family. Not with his busy traveling schedule and playboy tendencies. All that might change when Trevor returns from an overseas trip and finds Davina Daniels in his office lobby with a baby in her arms. Problem is, he?s never met Davina before, and she claims the baby is his.

Stay tuned for more on this story releasing on March 28th.