Tonya Kappes talks about Uniting the WLC Community

Guest post from author Tonya Kappes

Elite Blogger & Member of the WLC
A few months ago, I was excited when I was picked to join an exclusive group of authors to help participate in the launch of MelissaFoster?s novel, “Come Back To Me“.

It was unlike any launch I had ever seen. Melissa didn?t really want to promote her release as much as she wanted to give back to the authors participating. It was one of the most unselfish author moves I?d ever seen since writing. 

Instantly, I knew I wanted to be a part of this group and Melissa Foster?s idea of The WoMen?s Literary Caf?. I felt good about writing, the positive energy, and the new author friends I was connecting with. We tweeted each other, cheered each other, boo hooed  with each other, and became a tight-knit group. 
There are so many blogs out there that claim to ?pay it forward? or promote authors, but there always seemed to be a catch. Not with The WoMen?s Literary Caf?. WLC is a gathering place for every single industry official including the reader. 

It doesn?t matter what road to publishing the author has taken, self-publishing or publishing house or both, everyone is welcome at WLC. Everyone matters! 

That is truly paying it forward in a positive way. There is nothing negative about the WLC. You can participate as much as you want and give back as much as you want. I wanted to give back because it makes me feel good. I love helping authors out on what has and hasn?t worked for me. 

I?ve sold over 19,000 books in the last five months, so I like to think I know something about marketing and promoting my novels. I even co-authored a craft book, The Tricked-Out Toolbox (available January 2012), and was honored when Melissa asked me to be a member of the elite blogging group and blog about marketing and promoting. 

It?s a perfect way for me to give back to the literary world. I love my readers so much, and have gotten a lot of love from them by marketing and promoting effectively, that I?m striving to let every author experience what I have experienced. 

Thank you Melissa Foster and WLC for allowing me to truly give back.
Tonya ~ You are always such a sweetheart! It has been a great pleasure working with you and now Elite Blogging with you!  So glad you are part of the WLC!  Thank you!    ~ Stacy
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