The Twisted Love Series

Due to Unforeseen circumstances in life, the Twisted Love Series has been unpublished for the time being. Amy and I anticipate the series being completed and republished in late 2024-2025. We will keep you updated and apologize for the inconvenience.

The Twisted Love Series is an intense Romantic Suspense/Police Procedural Series

Co-Authored with Bestselling Author Amy Manemann

Love Lorn, Book 1

Determined to prove she’s more than just a pretty face, Detective Evie Harper works hard and trains even harder to be the very best. Her first homicide case will put her skills to the test as she and her partner, Detective Stephen Harris, track a ruthless serial killer terrorizing the west end of town. The Lovelorn killer may be one step ahead of them, but they’re closing in fast, until an immoral decision is made that leaves their partnership hanging in the balance.

Love Lorn, is the first book in a nine-book series called The Twisted Love Series. Amy and Stacy have worked together on the first two novellas so their stories run parallel and prepare you for the first full-length novel in the series Love Inked.

Love Torn, Book 2

Detective Kali Mann lives by her nickname: The Mann-Eater. She’s a true love them and leave them with no attachments-ever. She’s hard-core, to the point, intense and she doesn’t always play nice with others. When her partner, Keith Harvard, finally gets her to take notice of him, the case they are working goes awry, and suddenly Kali is having emotions she’s not sure she wants. A major part of her past will come back to haunt her and just as she beings to open herself up, her life will be torn apart.

Love Torn, is the second book in a nine-book series called The Twisted Love Series. Amy and Stacy have worked together on the first two novellas so their stories run parallel and prepare you for the first full-length novel in the series Love Inked.

Love Inked, Book 3

Detective Kali Mann returns from leave to find a new partner assignment. Not only is she bitter about recent events, but she’s irritated to be saddled with the model-beautiful rookie detective Evelyn Harper. What’s worse, Evie doesn’t just want to be partners, she’s striving to make them friends.

Another brutal Serial Killer is in town, and Evie finds that she has a lot to learn, especially when it comes to her new partner. Evie is not deterred, in fact, she’s determined to fit in and earn Kali’s respect, and maybe calm the waters between Kali and Detective Sergeant Greg Shavers in the process.

As Kali and Evie find their footing and search for clues to the recent murder, an explosion rocks their police family, and Kali and Evie team up with others to find the culprits responsible. With everyone occupied with the new incident, a delivery to the station arrives that could provide an important clue in the homicide investigation, but will it be overlooked?

An action-packed full-length novel that takes you through the streets of Philly as you ride-along with Detectives Kali Mann and Evie Harper while they deal with crime, tragedy, and new romances.

Love Drowned, Book 4

Now that Detectives Kali Mann and Evie Harper are finding their footing together as partners, they are digging in deep to solve the major crimes in the Fourteenth District of Philadelphia. When another victim is discovered, and the ritual killing is found to have altered, Evie and Kali scramble to make heads or tails of it.

Evie is pulled undercover to help fellow detective, Josh Westing, and she needs to balance her personal feelings for him, as well as remain professional while in the presence of the Mexican Cartel. Evie will find herself on a precipice to expanding her relationship with CSI Eric VanLacken and it will either grow to a new level or explode into bits and pieces.

While Kali is pushing forward and focused on the serial killings, she finds herself distracted by Detective Sergeant Greg Shavers more than she cares to admit. Special Agent Liam MacCabe continues to lurk on the edge, always there for Kali when she needs it most, especially after she crosses back from the dark side.

Evie and Kali will both spend their days in court, and while one case will get resolved, the other will take one of them to their knees in emotional destruction. Join Evie and Kali as they investigate new cases, dig deeper into current ones, and find their love life’s almost as explosive as dynamite.

Love Carved, Book 5

After an emotional ending to Love Drowned, Kali is at a crossroads. The friendship between Evie and Kali is growing, but that doesn’t mean that things always go right with them as they investigate the serial killer case along with the new calls that come in.

Kali and Evie are back for another intense round of drama.

After the emotional scene in the cemetery, Kali is trying to finally come to grips with Keith’s death. Things are up in the air with her and Greg, and Liam is still showing up when least expected.

Evie is trying to focus on her future—both professional and personal, and having Josh at her side just makes sense. Except there are things he’s not telling her, and she’s starting to get nervous.

From explosive scenes, to lives on the line, Evie and Kali are rushing from one dramatic moment to another. The only stable for them both, is the friendship that is growing strongly between them both.

Prepare yourself for another wild and adventurous ride with life, death, and of course, incredible passion.

Love Trapped, Book 6

When Love Carved ended, everyone at the precinct was up in arms. Emotions are running on high alert, and now the gang has to work together to figure out of it’s the work of the serial killer, or if Sinaloa Cartel and the Los Zetas are behind it all.

Get ready for more intense and passionate drama, along with the heart-thudding roller coaster of emotions that only Kali and Evie can bring you.

Love Trapped is the sixth book in the Twisted Love Series co-written with USA Today Bestselling Author Stacy Eaton and Bestselling Author Amy Manemann.

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Still to come:

Love Crossed, Book 7

Love Twisted, Book 8

Love Lies, Book 9