Updates on Carmen, Loving a Winston, Book 4

Generally, I don’t have this long of a wait between books, but last year got a little bit crazy when I started a new job outside the house. Candy, Loving a Winston, Book 3 was released in September; that is the last one I released!

Carmen and Coral are the last two books in that series, and I promise they are coming!

Carmen is currently being written, and I have about half of it done. Unfortunately, due to finally getting a diagnosis of Psoriatic Arthritis, I can’t write as much as I used to. My hands just don’t let me type 12-18,000 words a day anymore. I have settled on writing 2500-5000 words daily, basically 2 chapters a day.

So slowly but surely, I am getting the work done, and I will announce soon when Carmen will be released. There will be no preorder, so keep an eye out here on the website, my social media, or my newsletter. I hope to release this mid-summer. Fingers crossed!

The Loving a Winston Series is a spin-off series from Loving a Young. These books are exclusive to Amazon and available on Kindle Unlimited.