Whether I’ll Live or Die

Whether I’ll Live or Die

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An intense and emotional novel that digs into the life of a domestic violence victim.

It transcends all laws? It does not matter the car you drive, or the size of your home. It has nothing to do with the color of your skin? It won?t care if you are young or old. The victim?s aren?t just women, they are men too. ?It is a sense of power to prey on a weaker person? to control them.? It is a sickness that digs deep and destroys lives?

You may cry for Amanda?? You will feel her pain, her sickness and her confusion when love goes bad. ?You may relate to her fears? ?You will hear her darkest moments and her deepest thoughts. A young woman lost in a world she does not know how to get out of. A sense of failure, of not being worth the air she breaths?

The law steps in with Officer Nicole Nolan but like a criminal, the cuffs bind her and frustration will be felt as she tries to help the people in need. ?Hindered by what she can and cannot do she watches lives shattered by the devastation of Domestic Violence.? She will fight for what she knows is right and try to lead people to be free of the confines they live in. Until the day that her life will be drastically altered, the day paths cross and a life will lie on the line as the snow falls and the lights flash on a cold snowy night.

You can read chapter 1 here: Chapter 1

Early Reviews:

“Stacy Eaton’s Whether I Live or Die, simply put, took my breath away.?A heartbreaking, compelling story about love, abuse and betrayal that has forever changed my?perception of a subject I thought I understood. Definitely a five star read.” Amy Manemann, author



“Wow, simply wow? that was intense!! Stacy Eaton is a magnificent writer. This book pulls me into the story, so much that I find it very hard to stop reading once I start and it kept me on edge of my seat with each turn of the page.

Being a police dispatcher, I get to hear the beginning of these calls, and sometimes the outcome. This book brings a new light to the issue of abuse against women. The stark detail made me want to reach into the pages to help. While this book deals with a very delicate situation, it is handled with grace and style. This is a must read for anyone, male or female. It is most definitely an eye opener.” Scott Johnson



?Whether I?ll Live or Die? is a riveting read that evokes several emotional responses as you read. The book details the lives of ?Amanda? and ?Nicole?, two women who appear to be very different from the beginning of the book, but who become inextricably tied together by the end in a surprising and poignant twist. From beginning to end, both of their stories are raw and real, one trying to cope with an ongoing cycle of domestic abuse, the other dealing with life as a police officer inevitably drawn into violent crime. If you have an aversion to graphic violence or abuse, this is not the book for you. You will find traces of fairy tale love and romance, but it serves more as intermittent relief from an ongoing theme of brutality throughout the entire novel rather than hold a place as a prominent theme of its own. I repeat ? this novel is raw and REAL, not for the squeamish.

Don?t get me wrong. The violence is not gratuitous in any way. It is the essence of the experiences of these two women ? experiences that will make you angry, sad, afraid, and even resolute in your pursuit of the final pages in order to see how it all ends. I will not give away spoilers, but I can say that there will be vindication by the end of the story. However, how you arrive at the ultimate resolution is a brilliantly crafted journey that engages the reader both emotionally and psychologically. The author teaches us that ultimately, destiny is in our own hands and we decide whether our spirits will live or die in this lifetime. G.E. Johnson, author

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